Quite Enchanted "Amy" & Soulmate "Sora"

Kennel: Lykaios, the Netherlands

Amy is a beautiful little girl, with a special personality!
She's always makes you smile, she's so funny in her actions!
She grew from a shy little puppy to a loving and open dog!
We're really proud of her, she's gorgeous!

Sora is a lovely Powder Puff! He loves to be around people.
Everybody is a potential friend, especially when they have
cookies!! He's always happy and very playfull!!
He's great with Amy and Luca, and loves the cats!!!
He's a gorgeous boy, and we love him very much!

Sascha, thanks for these two wonderfull dogs!!

Nicole and Raïssa

Okaido & Sugardaddy

Kennel: of Beautiful Stars, Germany

The best dogs ever , friendly open and wonderfull temperaments we love them!

Exorbithant "Nelson"

Kennel: Tippytoes, Estonia

Nelson is a wonderful and easy dog to live with. Showed very limited , but with excellent critiques and as a stud dog he has proved his top quality by producing outstanding puppies and has been and will be a remarkable addition in my kennel.


Q-Tip "Helga"

Kennel: Curlycrests, Norway

Helga is loving to her family, but a little bit afraid when it comes to strangers. She loves to play and is cuddly and the perfect familydog. She thinks dogshows are fun and has a good body, movement and perfect set of teeth. She loves to learn and be included. Full of life outside and calm and quiet when inside.

Miss September & Sex Sales

Kennel: Diamond Forever and Island Shangri-La, Belgium

We are realy happy with our Taijan Dreamer Dogs Miss September and Sex Sales they are realy open , friendly and perfect for our Breedingprogramm.Thank you Sascha.

Sexmachine "Macho"

Kennel: Eagle Eyed Angels, Belgium

My Taijan Dreamer dog is a dream come true. Ever since I went searching for a Chinese Crested I wanted a Taijan Dreamer dog. Sexmachine a.k.a. Macho came totally unexpected. And he is even more than I could ever dream off. He is not only a gorgeous and really goodlooking dog , he has also a great character and is very lovely. I hope he will turn out just the way I think ,and he will definitly not be my last Taijan Dreamer CC.

Nepomuk "Hrekkur"

Kennel: Practical Hero, Iceland

Nepo is a wonderful "boy" with a great temperament and such a muscular body and a true hairless, he is just like a "dream come true". I love Nepomuk so much!! Thank you Sascha, thank you so much for this "beautiful boy", I love you.


Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle & Locomotion

Kennel: Happy Dancing, the Netherlands

We will thank Sascha Kober for this beautifull spotted true-hairless male. Peter Pan is born at 20-01-2005. He is totally crazy, he is a very happy and open dog.

Loco is born at 30 August 2006. We will thank Sascha Kober for this beautifull dog. He has a very nice size for a Chinese Crested and he loves to make pictures.

Tinkerbelle is a very nice and happy little powderpuff female. She is born at 22 February 2004. We got her from our friend Sascha Kober from Germany. We are very happy with this wonderful gift. She is really gorgeous! She loves to be shown and hopefully we have a lovely show-time with her.


Kennel: Mahtob, Tsjekkia

Niklová Alena is happy with Ch. Taijan Dreamer Showtime

Midnight in Moscow "Changa" & Springtime "Hensi"

Kennel:Ilory, Russian Federation

My dear friend!

Changa - super wise, super character... Super dog... The dog of our hearts... One and only... Hensi - our super energy))) The dog who can really smile))) Our big hope and simply the best for us...

Thank You very much for our girls!!!

Always with love to You


Emotion "Sixten"

Kennel: Proud Pony, Sweden

Sixten is a lovely black and white powder puff male, with a wonderful coat. He is well-constructed, with a beautiful head and a very nice and outgoing temperament. Sixten is imported from kennel Taijan Dreamer in Germany, and he came to us in October 2005.
We are so thankful to his breeder Sascha Kober for letting us have this wonderful little boy!


Kennel: Golden Diamond, Latvia

We would like to say a big Thank You to Sascha Kober for our Multichampion Taijan Dreamer Tornado.

Sugarbaby "Sugarka"

Kennel: z Perloveho udoli, Czech Republic

Thanks for our Sugar , she is such happy and wonderful dog.

Zuzana Pešinová


Kennel: Forseti´s, Czech Republic

My Lucille is very wild female with crazy ideas... she is very happy dog. Lucille loves playing with her daughter Fifteen Cherries, run in forest, drinking beer in pub:-) She is still playful as a puppy. I never change her temperament.



Kennel: Play Mansion, Sweden

Well about overdrive.. the character is really somthing :) she is defenetly the boss in house over the other dogs :) She is really loveful and humble a real sweet girl with people but with the males a real bitch haha, her temperament is cool if it is many people in the house you never notice her, it doesn't bother her. She is very playful but only on her conditions :) she loves the pack of dogs she lives with but she is not so interrested in other dogs.
With other words a really nice beautyful taijan dreamer princess ;)

Alexandra Palombo

Rockin Hells Kitchen "Gordon"

Kennel: Cool Crowd's, Sweden

As up to now gordon is everything you can wish from a dog. Very correct in size & proportions, a super strong bite and most of all a splendid outgoing temerament. And you, as his breeder, should be proud.

Lots of love to you, Carina

Sexy Guy "Boyke"

Kennel: Little Charming, the Netherlands

It's a dog with his own ideas on how things must be. He loves all other dogs and is not afraid of them. To people Boyke is in waiting mode;)
But he is always friendly, it's a happy dog.

I hope he grows up like i expect he will do.

Greetings Erika Hugers